Working in Construction with a Glass To-Be-Window Broken

How Important the Glass Was to Us

Broken glass, which in itself creates the concept of non-broken glass, doesn't truly exist in nature.
Broken glass, which in itself creates the concept of non-broken glass, doesn’t truly exist in nature.

Hui and I used to work at a glass shop, repairing windows and installing showers, and once in a while we would have to cut pieces of glass. Being at the shop for 3 weeks, our boss still doubted whether we could use a level, so he was slightly uncomfortable with us cutting glass.

One piece that we had to inspect, measure, and cut would spend the rest of its days as a window at The Musclelodeum, which is our mentor’s home gym where he taught us how to box and work, how to persevere and respect. So this piece to-be-window, ordinary to our boss, a formality to our mentor, was a chance for Hui and I to show our competence and reliability to both our boss and coach. We left work, putting the pane into the trunk, and headed to the gym to install it and exercise. However as we drove the 10 miles to The Musclelodeum, the glass fractured, and we only knew when we had opened the trunk.

Dismayed and Determined

At this point, we were a little dismayed, not knowing how fragile the glass had been, and I thought “we should have put it on the back seats, or the passenger should have been holding it.” After this mild shock, we tried to make the halved glass work, ingenuity having been on our side, success not. Eventually we lingered on it for near 20 minutes until we knew there was no solution.

Creating a Bad “Broken”

Ideally, we should have not even reacted to the fracture and job failure; the fracture created no disappointment or confusion, but we did. And had we done more so, had we dwelt on it for 40 minutes or more, we would have prolonged our work out, wasted time, and thought more about the consequences, and there was no need for any of these. 

Next time when I am employed (whenever that is) and an assignment or task goes badly, I should care not to stay too long on the unfortunate and continue wandering easily and freely because happenings are neither good nor bad. To stress more on a failure creates a stronger wanting of fixing the failure.

I hope you resonated with this. Follow Tao Practiced for more insights into practicing the Tao in the workplace, school, and home.


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