Taoist Musings: Split Knee

Disclaimer: You are not ready for such wisdom.
Disclaimer: You are not ready for such wisdom and insight, grand as it is.

God Tao, please inspire these prickly fingers of mine so that I may write so fine a piece such that all would want to sit and read with blanket fleece. Or prostrate to this the True Taoist’s post (I’m referring to me and not Tao if non-evident be my boast), which provides a mere glance into True Taoist ways, for all is taken to be as it may.

Indeed, I’ve known all the while what I shall make you read, that is, the story about my split knee. During a bout between myself and what’s-his-name, I was inspired by the gas of God Tao, such that my rage became untamed, and with such vigor rivaling that of which I write in this moment, I got ahead of myself and suddenly found torment. Split was my knee from its cap, much like the situation of Yangzi. I thus traded my head for a cap, however quickly it came, and now vow revenge on this injury by what’s-his-name.

Are you he? Leave some feedback, and I may your IP backtrack.

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Published by

Hui Ho

I attend the University of Rochester and plan on majoring in philosophy. I try to talk to many people about Taoism to see their perspective, but that often can't be done because most don't know what Taoism or eastern philosophy teach. So, I contribute to taopracticed.wordpress.com to help others know the merits of eastern philosophy, and more specifically the philosophy of Zhuangzi.

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