Taoist Musings: Dreams

Beware of the Legend, the Lord, the Conspirator, God(ess) Tao.

Salve! In principio, Laudemus Tao(um).

Lord Tao, I pray that my intent I do not betray, as I muse full heartedly and act as a vessel through which your inspiration can be beheld. To take Zhuangzi’s notion, I once dreamed and like reality it seemed. Of course, I knew it was but the breath of Lord Tao that inspired false reality at the time; and whoever thinks that their dream was real and sublime, I give to her this pity of mine, or even better, a prayer to Tao’s shrine. But this means that I give pity and prayers to myself since I was unaware of the danger that dwells within dreams’ nature. What do I mean? Like Zhuangzi, I had witnessed a dream confused, which now leads me to this contrived muse, but to think it was thus in memory, when it was actually false reality, makes me the greater fool if one can be. The line between what I did in dreaming and what I had yet to do led me into fallacy. When I think back to such deception, it reminds me of the time when Sinon brought all of Troy utterly to sorrow. I remember it like I remember all of tomorrow. So take heed and beware of such treachery by your dreams.

Think hard on whether you liked this post or considered following Taopracticed, as a dream could very well make it seem thus, but not really thus.


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Julius Ho

I attend the University of California, Berkeley, Law School. Before that, I attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and majored in philosophy. I can be considered taoist, and I've been boxing since middle school. I contribute to taopracticed.wordpress.com and straight2boxing.com.

3 thoughts on “Taoist Musings: Dreams”

  1. I would prefer to treat all my dreams the same rather than worry about some being better than others. Dreams are obviously important to well-being, even – or perhaps especially – the weird ones. What do you think, may I ask?

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    1. I hear dreams do help in memorizing the day’s events, and there is a certain appeal to lucid dreaming and being able to control tour dreams. But I do see how vivid dreams can be a problem; what comes to my mind, from my experience, is that in trying to remember something, say, a certain remark I might have made to my brother, I “thought” I remembered it but what I really remembered was something from a dream. I also suspect some of my dreams to cause some occurrences of deja vu. Failing to distinguish between reality and dreams is a possibility if one were to keep having vivid dreams. As this post was facetious, there is a message in it, which I think you caught.

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      1. I’m not really tuned in to the subtleties, being from the materialist Occident, but might the message be a criticism of ‘magical’ thinking? My view is that, as an evolved species, our dream life is somehow essential to our survival and therefore beyond labels of good and bad.

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