About the Blog

“Among level things, water at rest is the most perfect, and therefore it can serve as a standard. It guards what is inside and shows no movement outside. Virtue is the establishment of perfect harmony. Though virtue takes no form, things cannot break away from it.” -Zhuangzi

This blog aims to help people get a grip on and appreciate eastern philosophy, and more specifically, The Zhuangzi. We’ll be uploading posts about specific topics ranging from comparing and contrasting other philosophies such as Laozi, Yangzi, and Confucius and religions such as Taoism and Buddhism to applying the Zhuangzi and our associated experiences, and everything in between, all relating to the Zhuangzi. We’ll try not to use philosophical jargon such as sinology, epistemology, necessity and sufficiency, ontological syllogisms of syncretistic counterarguments…; this is not a primarily academic blog, but there will be introductions to philosophies/religions, and insights in our posts. If you’re not sure about the implicit nature of the Zhuangzi, as seen from its practitioners, or want to know more about eastern philosophy from a straightforward but different perspective, follow the blog to be notified about new posts.