Feeling Sorry For the Disabled

Homesickness Enhancing My Sympathy

Stadium Drive is where I noticed the student with Sclerosis.
Stadium Drive is where I noticed the student with Sclerosis.

When freshmen semester started, I was despondent about being away from home and family. I was told that homesickness (still I just suppose I was homesick.) is inevitable and it fades. Nonetheless during this period of reflection about the easiness of pre-college life, I inconsistently concentrated on resisting the emotion-with. Continue reading Feeling Sorry For the Disabled

How Two Brothers Became Taoist

This post might be a little longer than usual because I think it’s important to show you how Yang and I started practicing Taoism or “Zhuangzism” to be technical but not-so-eloquent. Continue reading How Two Brothers Became Taoist

Our Understanding of The Zhuangzi

Pebble in Water

The Tao

The Tao is usually translated as the Way or Flow. Zhuangzi wrote that trying to describe the Tao leads a person astray and proves that he does not know the Tao. That I’m writing about it is proof that I don’t know all of it, but I know what is certain about the Tao: that it’s what makes leaves fall in August, what dampens clothes from an unexpected summer storm. Continue reading Our Understanding of The Zhuangzi