What’s the Role of Meditation in the Zhuangzi?

Artist: Kano Tan'yû (1602–1674)
Artist: Kano Tan’yû (1602–1674)

In one of my earliest posts, I mentioned that meditation and the ideas in the Zhuangzi are closely related. Actually, Zhuangzi made reference to meditation when a man (Yan Hui) asked Confucius about how to proceed to act with the Tao and be in the world of men. This passage can be seen in the “In the World of Men” Chapter of The Zhuangzi.

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How Two Brothers Became Taoist

This post might be a little longer than usual because I think it’s important to show you how Yang and I started practicing Taoism or “Zhuangzism” to be technical but not-so-eloquent. Continue reading How Two Brothers Became Taoist