Our Approach to Eastern Philosophy


If you’ve been reading this blog for some time, then you might know that Yang and I take a more analytically-inclined approach to eastern and western philosophy. Ideally, what this entails is similar to developing a formula or working through an algorithm, but instead the work is done with propositions (there is no clear cut cardinality¬†and arithmetic…and people think philosophy is easy!). Sometimes, though, time doesn’t allow for fully explaining everything such that the most coherent and strong view is formed or readily apparent, so we think it might suffice to introduce ideas into eastern philosophical discussion. This can be seen with Yang’s post about morality in Taoism.

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Feeling Sorry For the Disabled

Homesickness Enhancing My Sympathy

Stadium Drive is where I noticed the student with Sclerosis.
Stadium Drive is where I noticed the student with Sclerosis.

When freshmen semester started, I was despondent about being away from home and family. I was told that homesickness (still I just suppose I was homesick.) is inevitable and it fades. Nonetheless during this period of reflection about the easiness of pre-college life, I inconsistently concentrated on resisting the emotion-with. Continue reading Feeling Sorry For the Disabled