Can 1 come from 0?


There seems to be an assumption in, let’s say, metaphysics, that everything must have came from something, which makes sense for apparent reasons. A concept of nothing seems to be just a concept, since nobody has dealt with absolute Nothing. Infinitely regressing to the first “something,” or infinitely progressing to the last something, depending on how you look at it shows the uncertainty in if there is a first (or last), if it is indeed finite, infinite, or circular, according to conventional possibilities.

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Lao Tzu’s Trash-Salad


According to a passage, which I’m going to paint in a more vibrant light while still retaining its pith, a passage in either the Tao Te Ching or the Zhuangzi (I’m not certain which it is), Lao Tzu, being as resourceful as ever, thought it fit to scrounge up a salad for his sister in hopes that her venerable hunger can reach a veritable satiety, at least to the extent which a salad from trash can achieve.

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