Following the Tao while Boxing

As readers may or may not know, Yang and I participate in our university’s boxing club and compete at the collegiate level. We have always liked boxing but I’m sure we never understood major aspects of the sport, such as intending to KO opponents or being driven by titles or recognition. Given that we follow the Tao, or at least try to do so, it makes little sense that we compete in boxing or box in general. If we want to follow the Tao and believe in the teachings of Philosophical Taoism, how then can we be said to follow the Tao and box?

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Taoist Musings: Understanding

I came across Paul Ziff’s book titled Understanding Understanding, which was so inspiring that it expelled from me, or rather, it compelled my fingers to type two poems, both by the name “Understanding”:

Understanding Understanding by Paul Ziff.
Understanding Understanding Understanding
Understanding Understanding Understanding by Paul Ziff
By Paul ZIff.
Understanding Understranding Understanding by
Pol Ziph

By Ainsley Sebastien Sawyer and Montgomery Evelyn Bullingsworth

Stand with a string attached to your crown
And a stick up your butt
And read Ziff’s Understanding Understanding
(unwitfully put ‘Understanding An Understanding,’
But we can’t have that)– so
Understand Understanding Understanding–
And Write Understanding Understanding Understanding
Or rather title it Understanding Understanding
Understanding Undrestanding,
As to what this means, it’s inconceivable– too meta.
But at least
Understand this stand for Understanding Understanding
Understanding Understanding and so on and so forth.

The Tao in Relation to Everything


Angus Charles Graham’s Disputers of the Tao cites that the Argus Pheasant is the legendary Peng.

The Tao is said to be many things. Among such are emptiness, nothingness, spirit, the way, unity, dung and so on and so forth. If you have a clear idea of what the Tao is, then either you are a sage or more understanding need be had by you. Perhaps the Tao can be approximated from infinitely many distinctions, but that directly contradicts the idea of the Tao. For now, let’s define it simply as The Way. In our Taoist musings, we made reference to some God Tao; this is a mistaken (and satirical) view, but it needs clarifying how the Tao clearly relates to us and everything around us.

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Taoist Musings: Split Knee

Disclaimer: You are not ready for such wisdom.
Disclaimer: You are not ready for such wisdom and insight, grand as it is.

God Tao, please inspire these prickly fingers of mine so that I may write so fine a piece such that all would want to sit and read with blanket fleece. Or prostrate to this the True Taoist’s post (I’m referring to me and not Tao if non-evident be my boast), which provides a mere glance into True Taoist ways, for all is taken to be as it may.

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What’s the Role of Meditation in the Zhuangzi?

Artist: Kano Tan'yû (1602–1674)
Artist: Kano Tan’yû (1602–1674)

In one of my earliest posts, I mentioned that meditation and the ideas in the Zhuangzi are closely related. Actually, Zhuangzi made reference to meditation when a man (Yan Hui) asked Confucius about how to proceed to act with the Tao and be in the world of men. This passage can be seen in the “In the World of Men” Chapter of The Zhuangzi.

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