About the Authors

The Authors

Hui Ho

Visiting Rochester for the First Time
Me (left) Visiting Rochester for the First Time

Unlike most of my fellow pre-meds, I plan to be enrolled in an MD program after graduating from the University of Rochester with a degree in Philosophy. I plan to major in philosophy, and not, let’s say, biology, because learning is supposed to be in line with my passions, not out of line with it. Besides these interests, I participate in the university’s boxing club and creative writing publication, wherein I judge others’ works, but it’s hard to do both because of my philosophy. You could say I have little feeling, whether that is because of my beliefs or my nature I do not know; if it’s really my nature, it’s perhaps a natural gift or blight.

Yang Ho

Yang in Light Rain
Yang Ho

I am currently attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, eventually attaining a major in Philosophy and Economics. I have a passion for dissecting ideas, and coupled with my belief that bases for persecution requires uniformity to promote stability, I plan to attend law school. Maybe not helping this pursuit, I compete in amateur boxing at the University. Compared to Hui, I am less mild-tempered, but I guess that that is from being the youngest of 3 children.